5 Ways To Reuse Diaper Boxes

I always seem to have a ton of random boxes from diapers, wipes, and various other baby-related items lying around my house!   I guess having a 5-month-old will cause this sort of thing to happen. 😛 At first, I would just throw them away, but now I try to re-purpose them in any way that I can because I hate throwing away a good box.  I think it comes from growing up in the “put everything in a shoe box” era.  In elementary/middle school, whenever I got new shoes, I made sure to keep the box because I kept pictures, markers, string, and all kinds of things in them. (Hopefully I wasn’t the only hoarding child!)


Nowadays, I don’t get many pairs of new shoes, but I do get lots of diapers!  There are so many useful and creative ways to use the leftover boxes.  Here are some of the ways that I use them:

1. Clothes storage-  Why buy storage bins when you have free storage boxes for the clothes your baby has grown out of?  I like to fill one box with 0-3 months, one with 3-6 months, and so on.  This way your clothes are already organized by size in case you need them!


2. Milk organizer-  This is an amazing tip!  My freezer is tiny because I live in an apartment, so I barely have any room to fit anything, especially not bags of breast milk.  So I used an Amazon box and sorted out my milk by date.  I used to have bags thrown around everywhere now everything is so tidy.  I even have more room for my other frozen items!


3. Diaper organizer-  It’s super easy to reuse a diaper box as a diaper organizer!  All you have to do is just take the box and cut off the flaps.  Then, you put the flaps wherever you want inside the box to make compartments and tape them down.  I used the long flap to divide my box in half and the shorter flaps to divide one of the halves.  It so easy and saves you so much money!



4. Train/car-  This idea came from sitting my little man in one of his diaper boxes as a joke.  He actually enjoyed being in it, especially when I was pulling it around like a wagon!  We had a good time and it was free!  This is one that would be really cute decorated with wrapping or construction paper but if you don’t have time it doesn’t matter, babies don’t care anyways! 😛

Isn’t he the cutest?

5. Toy box-  All of my son’s toys used to be scattered around our living room.  I just didn’t see the use of putting them back in his room since he is in the living room all day but I hated that it looked so cluttered.  Of course, I had to make my own toy box. 😉  I ended up covering my box in wrapping paper to decorate it but you can certainly leave it as is!

Before 🙁

Now that you have some fun and useful ideas for your leftover diaper boxes, go ahead and try them out!  I would love to know ways that you use your old boxes.  Leave me a comment telling me how. 🙂  Also, don’t forget to comment a picture of you trying out one of these tips!


Thanks so much for reading!

-Chelsea <3

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