6 Ways I Got Through My First Cold While Taking Care of a Baby

Last week, I was sick for the first time since I had my son, Axl, and let me tell you, it wasn’t fun. Between trying to find enough energy to entertain a crawling baby and trying not to get that baby sick, it was pretty difficult! Believe me, I did some things I normally wouldn’t but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do!

Do you wanna know how I got through the week?



I know babies aren’t really supposed to have screen time until 18 months and even then it should be limited but sometimes it’s necessary! This wasn’t your average cold! It was a jacked up, super, mega cold, so the TV became my best friend. 😛 Axl wasn’t exactly unhappy about the situation since he loves watching it!

Drinking lots of water!

This is super important in general but even more so because I breastfeed. I’m sure the runny nose and sickness left me a little bit more parched than normal so drinking extra water helped me stay hydrated and make enough milk for my baby!

Neti bottle 

This is a bottle that you fill up with warm water and a packet of saline, then squeeze it into one nostril while you bend over a sink. It sounds crazy but it is amazing!! This is the best way to keep your nose unclogged without blowing it a million times, causing your nostrils to swell. Trust me on this one!

Nap time 

Thank goodness for nap time! My son isn’t always the best napper but those few moments definitely helped me relax a bit. Don’t be afraid to nap with your baby every once in a while! I usually don’t because I have so much other stuff to do but I did last week. It was glorious and I don’t regret a thing!! Plus, sometimes mommies need a nap too!

Tea time

I love love love hot tea! I used to drink it everyday but recently I’ve been neglecting my tea kettle. Haha, I guess I can look on the bright side and say getting a cold made me remember how wonderful a hot cup of tea is! I recommend having a cup when your head and chest is congested or, you know, it’s a day that ends in “y.”

My husband

He was at work for a couple of my sick days but because of Thanksgiving, he had extra time off of work. That was one thing to be thankful for! I’m so glad I had him around to be on baby duty because around the 2nd day, Axl was getting bored! I can’t say I blame him, TV is only good for so long.  😛

Overall, my baby stayed well throughout my Thanksgiving illness so I have to say my first time being sick with a baby was a success. (Haha, I guess?) In the comments, tell me some ways that you coped with being sick while still managing to take care of your little one! As always, Thank you so much for reading!  P.S. Have you followed me on Instagram yet?

-Chelsea <3

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