7 Great New Year Resolutions For Moms

Well, it’s that time of year again! The time where everyone comes up with their own New Year resolutions to make the next year better than the last. Some people are more focused on bettering their health (the gym craze), while others want to set goals for their future. Either way, all resolutions are things we want to change in our lives.

I usually don’t come up with any New Year resolutions (I can never stick to them 😛 ) but this year, since I became a mom, there are a few things I would like to change in 2017! Some are serious and some are silly but they are all things I struggle with as a mom! I hope you will find some inspiration for your own New Year resolutions. 🙂

Less Screen Time

And I don’t mean for my son! Everyone, parent or not, gets wrapped up in their electronics these days. Whether it’s Facebook or Pinterest, it happens! I think it’s fine to an extent but, I admit, sometimes I overdo it.

Drink My Coffee BEFORE It Gets Cold

I have no idea how to accomplish this one but dang-it, I am gonna try! 😛

Take More Pictures

I am awesome at taking pictures of us just sitting on our living room floor but terrible at taking pictures of special events. I captured maybe 2 pictures on Thanksgiving, this past year. I definitely like to live in the moment (instead of picture taking) but, also, I want my son to have pictures to go along with his childhood memories.

Shower At Least Every Other Day

This is more for the new moms out there. When my son was a newborn, I BARELY had the time or energy to shower! This is still a struggle because my son is WIDE OPEN but time has made me a pro at being creative. 😉

Get Healthy, Not Skinny

Going to the gym is really great and you are super woman if you work-out regularly but I am not a fan of the “go to the gym only to get skinny thing.” Do it for your health! Be a good influence for your sweet babies and don’t harp on how your body looks. Trust me, I am guilty of this myself!

Learn How To Watch My Son And Cook Dinner And Clean

If I turn my eyes away from my son for a minute he already has something he isn’t supposed to have (my husband’s game controllers)! Next year, I am hoping to grow a few extra arms to help out around the house. Seems possible, right? 😛

Set Aside Some Time

For me, this means setting aside some time for only myself and some time for my husband and I. I never seem to have much “me” time and when I do it usually consists of showering! 😛 Also, my husband and I get so caught up in kids and work that we forget to spend quality alone time together. Every couple can benefit from at least 1 date night a month!

Hopefully you got a chuckle and some ideas for your own New Year resolutions! Thanks so much for reading! Have you subscribed to my page to receive more awesome mom articles? If not, you should!

-Chelsea <3

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