About Chelsea

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Hey ya’ll! My name is Chelsea, and I am a work-from-home wife and mother from South Carolina. I have a beautiful, highly active baby boy who does not believe in sleeping all night. I love being able to stay home with him, even though it has its challenges. (I barely have time to shower!) I guess you could say I am a somewhat “crunchy” mom because I baby-wear and breastfeed, but I don’t mind if you do something different. We, as moms, need to encourage each other!

In my free time, (when I’m not showering) I like to read, bake goodies, and binge-watch New Girl! My husband and I are both pretty nerdy, so spending quality time together mostly consists of playing Super Nintendo/Nintendo 64 or board games. Some of my entertainment obsessions are Disney, Harry Potter, and Gilmore Girls (I can’t wait to see what happened with Lorelei and Luke!) Food and coffee are my passion! I go to events just because I like to eat. ;-P My favorites are sushi, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and mushrooms! Yay for fungus!

I’ll do just about anything to save money and make life easier. That’s my main goal for this blog. I want to help make other people’s lives easier too, and maybe just a little more fun. 😉

I hope you find something you like on my page! Thanks so much for stopping by!