How I Got My Newborn To Sleep In His Bassinet

When I first came home from the hospital with my son, he would sleep EVERYWHERE except his bassinet. (The one place I needed him to sleep.) He would sleep in my arms (anyone’s arms, actually), the Cradle n’ Swing, on the couch, on the floor, on the Boppy pillow, literally anywhere. I knew nighttime would be a struggle because of having to wake up to feed him but I didn’t know getting him to sleep in the bassinet would be the hardest part!

My son was one of those babies that it was almost impossible to wake him up for at least the first month. I thought something might be wrong with him because he slept so much! He sure would wake up when I placed him in that bassinet, though!

I thought I was going to lose my mind the first couple of weeks. I would go to bed at like 8 pm and my husband would hold him until around 11 pm or 12 am. Then, I would get up with him while my husband slept until about 5 am, then we would switch again. It was terrible.

Finally, I just had to figure something out. I knew letting him sleep in the swing every night was not an option. Neither was letting him lay on the floor in his Boppy pillow (this was when we got really desperate.) Other than wanting him to sleep without relying on the constant motion of the swing, I needed to know he was in a safe designated sleeping place while I snoozed.

If you are having trouble getting your baby to sleep in his bassinet, I feel your pain. Hopefully these tips will help! This is what I did:


After I came home from the hospital, I didn’t really swaddle Axl anymore. I didn’t think it was necessary since he wouldn’t sleep in the hospital much either. Finally, I started swaddling him again as a result of a ton of internet research! In the end, this was one of things that helped him sleep in his bassinet better.

Double Up

Babies aren’t used to sleeping on a hard flat surface in the womb so it’s totally weird that we expect them to when they are born. I know the bassinet I used was pretty hard so I ended up folding a twin sized sheet and putting it under the sheet of the mattress. It was to make the mattress not so hard but also so the sheet couldn’t move (like a loose blanket.)

Incline the Mattress

Another key part was making a very small incline to the bed. I did this by putting an extra hospital blanket under one side of the bed, under the sheet. This was to make the mattress not so flat. I got this idea because Axl already liked being propped up instead of laying flat.

Put Them to Bed Almost Asleep or Fully Asleep

I made sure that he was either almost asleep or asleep when I laid him down! Almost everything I read said to lay him down just a little sleepy but that didn’t work for Axl. He had to basically be asleep or he would wake right up!

My sweet baby sleeping <3

Every baby is different, but all of these tips combined helped me get my newborn to sleep in his bassinet. Thankfully, it was before I fully lost my mind. 😛 I hope these help! Hang in there, mama. I promise it will be over before you know it! Thanks so much for reading! If you like what you read, please subscribe to my page to receive more helpful tips! 🙂



*I want to mention that I felt safe putting the extra sheets under his regular sheet because they were very thin. In the end, it is your baby and I would NOT do something you don’t feel comfortable doing.

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