How To Take Back Your Life After The Holidays And Get Ready For The Next Year

After the holidays, I am so drained! My family has went to multiple parties, family gatherings, been on shopping sprees, fought crowds, and made hundreds of cookies! (I’m not even exaggerating the cookie part. Sheesh.) I’ve had so much going on for so long that I don’t even have a routine anymore. When is my baby’s nap-time again?

Even Axl is worn out!

Now, all I want to do is relax (I’m sure this goes for you too)! That is definitely something we should do after the holiday craziness, but it’s also important to “take back your life” or start fresh! Let me share with you how I plan to “take back my life” and plunge full force into 2017!

Take Down The Decorations

First things first, take down the holiday decorations. This is something I HATE but it obviously has to be done. Hopefully, we all have someone to help us do this! (Calling all menfolk!) I can’t live in that house with Christmas lights still on in May, right? 😛  I like to get this done right after New Year’s day. It helps me to move on and focus on the next year!


I know this one kind of sucks too but having a clean house feels so good! I know if you have kids, clean is a relative term. 😛 Whether it be cleaning the whole house or just vacuuming up the glitter, you’ll feel much better getting your house in order (especially if you’ve had relatives staying in it all week)! I know I will.

Donate Or Sell

We have SO much stuff, especially after receiving so many gifts from Christmas! I’m running out of storage and patience! (Can you tell I hate clutter?) This year, I am going to “take back my life” by taking back my house! I’ll be donating or selling things my family doesn’t use anymore. Does anyone want to buy a sewing machine? 😛

Reflect And Relax

Everyone needs to take some time for themselves to relax! I know I do because the holidays have burned me out! Taking some time and reflecting on the past year is a great way to end one year and start a new one. It will also help you figure out how you what to make the next year better!

Set Goals For The New Year

I have a love/hate relationship with “goals.” I feel like sometimes we set goals too hard to follow through with and we end up getting discouraged. (THIS IS ME.) I challenge you to set some goals that are easily attainable during the next year, as well as, some that will require hard work! (This goes for me too.) When I reach one goal it motivates me to pursue my next goal. Hopefully, it will do the same for you!

Make A Plan

Now that you have your goals written out make a plan and stick to it! Remember, “A goal without a plan is just a wish!” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I hope this will give you the motivation to “take back your life” from all of the holiday craziness and start out 2017 on the right foot! Speaking of starting out the new year on the right foot, have you subscribed to my page yet? There are so many great things to come so you don’t want to miss out!

Thanks so much for reading!


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