Thoughts You Have When Your Baby’s First Tooth Appears

My baby boy, Axl,  is going to be 6 months old in 2 weeks! 2 weeks! I can’t believe time has gone by so fast! (I know everyone said it would but I can barely see past the sleep deprivation!) He is already trying to crawl and get into everything. He is especially interested in things he cannot have! Haha, I guess I should expect that. He is super hard-headed and is getting a temper! On the other hand, Axl is so so so sweet and is such a cuddle bug! Cuddling a baby is the BEST THING EVER, in case you didn’t know already. 😛 Parenting has had it’s ups and downs so far but he makes it so worth it!

He’s so adorable!

Yesterday, I was playing with my little man. We were playing “peek-a-boo” and he was smiling and laughing like crazy! (Also the best thing ever!) He has been fussy and always wanting to chew on everything so I check his mouth periodically. Well, I look into his mouth and this time I see something coming through the gums! Whatttt! So many thoughts popped into my head! Here is what I was thinking. (I’m sure you can relate to at least a few of them!)

“Yay! How exciting!”

This was the first thought I had. Yay! I love when he hits new milestones. It’s just a very exciting time for both of us! It shows me that he is healthy and his body is working the way it is supposed too. So this was a very happy moment! Unfortunately, it quickly turned into…

“My baby is getting so big!” *tear*

Don’t get me wrong, I love hitting the new milestones like I said before but also, he is my baby! I’m pretty sure this is a thought that every parent has at least once a day, especially when they are babies, because they are ALWAYS learning something new. Sometimes, I look at Axl and could just cry because I already miss the stage he was in before this one. Ugh, all I can do is hope that letting my baby grow up gets easier. (Fat chance, right?)

“My poor boobs!”

I breastfeed and Axl does not like bottles. In addition to this, he has been biting me recently (I guess because his gums have been hurting.) So as soon as I saw that little tooth coming through I had to console my poor aching nipples. They already know the worst is yet to come but they will fight the good fight and come out on top! (Hopefully.)

“Time for solids!”

After having Axl, I decided I would exclusively breastfeed until he was 6 months old, if I could. I wanted to do this mostly because solids are unnecessary (for most babies) before that age but also because I’m lazy! Breastfeeding has been so convenient!  Now that he is about to hit 6 months and is getting a tooth, we are going to start solids! This should be interesting. 😛

“When should he go to the dentist?”

I’ve heard so many things about when kids are supposed to go to the dentist but I still didn’t know what the correct answer was. I had to look it up! I found that pediatric dentists recommend getting your child to the dentist before their first birthday or 6 months after their first tooth comes through. Honestly, I think it all just depends on what the parent thinks is right. I’ve had friends take their 1 year old and others wait until 3 years old!

“Ugh, another thing I have to do!”

My son has had skin problems since he was born. First, I had to wash his face twice a day and lotion him up because of baby acne. Now he has developed pretty bad eczema. Which results in me having to wash his face and lotion him up some more! After the washing, lotioning, and hydrocortisone, he is just so done with me. (I can’t really blame him.) Now I have to add brushing his teeth to the mix! Hopefully, all of this will help both of us develop some patience!

Let me know in the comments what some of your thoughts were when your child’s first tooth came through! Don’t forget to subscribe and thanks for reading!

-Chelsea <3



  1. Hey sleepy mama! I have had every one of those thoughts. In addition to them I think, God I hope she has her father teeth and not mine. Also, solids are so much more work (in my opinion) than exclusively breastfeeding, unless you absolutely love breastfeeding (I would have done it longer if I could have). I work full time and don’t have time in the day most days to cook something extra to try and I introduce my daughter to. I stick to Formula at the moment with Gerber purees, Lil bites, puffs, and buy fresh fruit when I can to try with her. I need to get better at shopping more efficiently and meal planning for the week. It’s Important to cook healthy for your kids, I have to learn everything needed bevause I am not the most knowledgeable cook. I am far from cooking healthy….Yikes.

    1. sleepymamahappybaby

      Hey Nicole! It’s good to know someone else has the same thoughts as me and she will be lucky to have your teeth because you have such a great smile! 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about cooking healthy! Honestly I am a very unhealthy cook most of the time (I like my butter and cream cheese) but I would like to do better for my son, too. It’s so great you are introducing your daughter to healthy foods! You are a great mommy! I’m still not sure if I will be making my own baby food or just buying the jars yet. I guess it depends on time and the cost. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and reply! I love hearing from you!

      1. Taylor Smart

        I had the same thoughts with my first baby when he got his first tooth haha but he started teething at 2 and a half months and had a tooth when he was 3 months! My advice on the baby foods is try to give him the real foods that you cook rather than the kars from the store my son liked wating his veggies from the jar but when it came time for him to eat the real ones it tasted different then the jared foods and had a different texture and he didn’t like it at all. This time around with my daughter I am exclusively breastfeeding too but when we do introduce foods I am going to make them for her so there won’t be the transition from jar food to real food. Also about the dentist its best to get them use to it early than later but it’s all up to the parents! ☺ Hope I helped!

        1. sleepymamahappybaby

          Hey Taylor! I can’t believe your son got his first tooth at 3 months! That’s so early! Thanks for the advice on baby food. You make a really good point about textures! Maybe I will make my own. 🙂 With my son, I hope to get him to the dentist around his first birthday. Thanks for replying! I love hearing from you.

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